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Who we are

Dynamic and innovative

1shot-trade is a dynamic and innovative company founded by experienced professionals in the fields of fashion design, marketing, entrepreneurship, and research consultancy.

With over 15 years of global trade experience as a fashion designer, marketer, and entrepreneur, combined with more than 18 years of consulting expertise across various industries such as e-commerce and retail, our team is well-equipped to provide tailored and precise solutions to meet your wholesale needs.

Why we do it


At 1shot-trade, we believe in delivering customized solutions that align perfectly with your requirements. We understand the importance of accuracy and repeatability in achieving long-term success and staying competitive in the market.

Our passion lies in satisfying your needs and ensuring that you maintain a high-value brand or company in the eyes of your customers.

How we do it


Smart and cientific management

Harnessing the power of science and AI, we employ advanced models and automation to manage our operations and understand the needs of the entire value chain. We foster partnerships based on trust and collaboration, working together to achieve mutual success. Our commitment to research and innovation enables us to offer an extensive and constantly evolving portfolio of products.

From increasing market value to providing specific solutions tailored to your unique needs, 1shot-trade is dedicated to helping you thrive in the ever-changing business landscape.

What you receive

Outpace competitors  

Choose 1shot-trade for a dynamic, researched, and highly adaptable range of products that can elevate your market presence and cater to your specific requirements. Partner with us to unlock new opportunities and drive continued growth for your brand or company.

Tailored solutions to your needs

Problems with staying competitive?

Do you find it very time-consuming to win market share?

Are you struggling with your competitors to win the market?

Fast Time to Market

Say no more, that is why our scientist and global experts can help you along the way

  • Fitted & Precise solutions to your
    • (market, customer, business) needs
  • Multiple Pricing Tiers Structures
  • Easy and simple to implement and pivot

Automated operations 360

Struggling with time consuming processes?

Do you find current times as fast-paced consumer-driven markets, where competition is against the clock? 

Efficient & Smart Ops

We got you covered, enabling you to focus on your expertise, let us do the rest

  • Busqueda productos al target
  • Products selection
  • Tracking
  • Delivery

Dynamic Products selection

Difficulties reaching your strategic goals?

Have you experience suppliers rising their prices?

Are competitors entering into price wars? 

Increase Sales

  • Multiple products options
  • fast and easy selection
  • high quality products
  • Multiple Tiers solutions to your needs

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